Third Eye Gallery

Current Show: A Soul's Journey by Gina McCook

This exhibit is a collection of works that depict the inner journey of the artist. A "Soul's Journey Through Yoga". The art show reflects Gina's personal journey into Yoga practice beginning with "A Pilgrimage to Nepal" and ending with "The Death of an Ego". A Soul's Journey Through Yoga is the outward expression of Gina's 4 year intensive commitment to practicing Ashtanga Yoga.


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Previous Shows:

~July 2015 Artwork by Heidi Gossempour

~Febuary 2015 "In Perspective" Art by Keegan Hulsey

~ November 2014 "The Boop Collection" yogic images by Tifany Nachelle Edwards
~ August 2014: "Altar of My Easel" original paintings by Julie Plant
~ December 2013: Young Artist Exhibition
~ September 2013: "India: A Mosaic: Photographs of South India" by Andrew Strout
~ February 2013: "In the Manner of Crows, and Other Modern Parable" by Jude Osborne (printmaker)
~ November 2012: "The Nature of Nature" by Andrew Laws Danaher (pencil drawings)
                            "The BOOP Collection" by Tiffany Nachelle Edwards (painting/mixed media)
~ June 2012: "Wandering Meditation" by Stacey Wright-Pollard (photography)
~ March 2012: "Divine Dimensions" by Stephen Deckard (sacred geometry)
~ September 2011: "Progressions" by Sarah Capshaw (mixed media/painting/recycled art)
~ June 2011: "Visions of Quiet Dignity: Photographs of South India" by Andrew Strout 


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