• These classes are carefully designed to introduce beginners to this classical form of Yoga in a safe, supportive way. We begin with the classical breathing techniques and movements which are the core of this approach to Yoga. The original sequence of Primary Series is broken down in a way that is approachable for all fitness levels, as well as providing modifications or challenges appropriate for each individual. These classes are for anyone who has the desire to learn yoga. The Ashtanga sequences make it easy for students to develop a personal practice and give a fundamental understanding that can be applied to all yoga. These classes are taught in a relaxed and noncompetitive and generally include students of all ages. 75 Check out our New Student Special!  
  • Yoga is an excellent exercise option during pregnancy. It can help soothe aches and pains, reduce stress, teach you to relax, and help you prepare for childbirth and motherhood. Prenatal yoga provides the oppertunity to deepend your connection to your body, your baby, and connect with other pregnant women in the community. Classes are open to healthy pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. No previous yoga experience is needed. Jennifer Engleman is a certified Mamaste Yoga Prenatal Yoga instructor. The Mamaste Yoga link is   Pre-registration for the class is required. Register by calling 405-320-YOGA or emailing   Price: $16 drop in or $48 per month (4 classes)


  • In Level 2 classes we build on the foundation gained in the Intro classes. The aspects of rhythm and internal heat are introduced. This class is meant to serve as a middle step from Intro classes to practicing with full intensity in Primary and Intermediate Series classes. Here we begin to link the postures together with breath and the technique called vinyasa. After learning the fundamentals, people with fitness backgrounds and active lifestyles will be comfortable with this level of practice right away. While we encourage students to learn the basics first, those who want to "jump right in" are welcome to do so as long as they do have some previous yoga experience, or at least an adventurous spirit!  90 mins  
  • This is the classical Primary Series taught in many places around the world. Previous yoga experience is recommended for this class. Here we begin to breath with great precision and learn to practice without missing a single breath. Primary Series is the "original recipie" that has directly influenced many other forms of yoga. When a student becomes fluent in these postures, there is a strong foundation and the student is assured of having enough knowledge to practice on their own. Knowing this sequence also enables students to participate harmoniously in other Ashtanga classes all over the world. 90 mins  
  • This class is an introduction to the Ashtanga Intermediate series. It is meant to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to explore the fun, but also challenging, intermediate series postures. Variations will be given for the more difficult poses. Students who have become comfortable in our Level 2 classes will be able to begin participating in this class as well. The intermediate postures often help students to progress in the areas they find most difficult in Primary Series.  90 mins.  

Mixed levels

  • Our Hot Yoga classes are taught between 90-95°F. While all of our classes are taught at about 80° to encourage sweating, our hot yoga classes are good for those who enjoy working with extra heat. We offer our own blend of progressive sequences based on our teachers' collective experiences. Heating the body, whether it is done with external or internal heat, is a very effective way of detoxing and improving flexibility. Safety is a consideration, please be sure to hydrate before class and bring water. Hot Yoga is a mixed level class and offers modifications and challenges for all levels of students. Special Note: We ask that students bring their own yoga mats because of the intense sweating. 75 mins.
  • Mysore is a traditional teaching format where students practice at their own pace. The teacher will analyze your practice individually and offer specific instructions to help you overcome your challenges and realign your body. The name Mysore refers to a town in South India where Ashtanga Yoga was first taught to Westerners. This approach teaches students to memorize the sequences very quickly and diagrams are available in class for those who need them. There is no need to try to keep up with the class. It may sound a little daunting to beginners, but this is actually a very comfortable way to learn. For those who already know the sequences these classes offer a great freedom to move at your own pace while still practicing with others. For those with injury's or medical issues, this class is a great way to cultivate a customized practice, designed to facilitate your recuperation. All levels of students are welcome in these classes!
  • This is a mixed level Ashtanga class for anyone practicing in either Levels 1 or 2. The class's sequences will offer modifications or challanges to suit each student. 75 mins.
  • *No acroyoga classes currently running, check back for updates.  ------  AcroYoga is a physical practice which blends yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts. Classes include a yoga asana practice to warm our bodies, followed by partner and group Acro Yoga postures and flows. We will work in pairs and groups of three, learning the postures in the positions of base, flyer and spotter. We place a strong emphasis on safety, trust, and communication. No partner neccesary, basic yoga experience is recommended.


  • Seated meditation is a vital aspect of the yoga tradition, which some yogis regard as the intended goal of yoga asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing practices.) For others, attention to a seated practice greatly complements their practice of the other angas (limbs) of Ashtanga Yoga (the eight-limbed yoga). This Seated Yoga Meditation class offers an introduction to basic techniques and philosophy of meditation in the tradition of the Himalayan yogis. Complementary practices (such as yoga nidra) will also be presented. Suitable for both total beginners and regular meditators, the class will support and explore the practices individually and in community (satsang). *This class is by donation; 100% of proceeds go to support the work of yogi renunciates and elders.  60 mins.
  • Sundays at 10am - Zen Meditation is a structured and classical form of meditation as taught by Suzuki Roshi. This is appropriate for anyone who is interested in meditation and willing to sit quietly for an hour in order to explore it. Michael Lee prefers to call it a meditation group rather than a class, and is dedicated to promoting meditation in our community. Everyone is welcome! *This class is offered by donation.  90 minutes.
  • In the last round, Ravi read the Mahabharata over the course of about a year and half. This time he will be reading the Ramayana! We are blessed that Ravi has offered to read these epics for us, being well versed in Sanskrit and the cultural implications of the stories, he offers lots of insight, translation and meaning as he reads. - The reading will happen most Fridays at 8pm, unless otherwise posted - *Vegetarian Potluck* for anyone who wants to participate, however bringing food is not required to attend. - The readings are offered by donation.  > RAMAYANA - Short Description: The Ramayana or "Rama's Journey" consists of 24,000 verses in seven books and tells the story of Rama (an avatar of the Hindu supreme-god Vishnu), whose wife Sita is abducted by Ravan, the king of Lanka. Thematically, the Ramayana explores human values and the concept of Dharma. Like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana is not just a story: it presents the teachings of ancient Hindu sages in narrative allegory, interspersing philosophical and devotional elements. The characters Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharata, Hanuman and Ravana are all fundamental to the cultural consciousness of India, Nepal, and many south-east Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.  
  • - Movement & Meditation offers gentle movement that can be done seated in a chair or sitting on a cushion and an introduction to basic meditation techniques. Each class will begin with movement as a preparation to move into a comfortable and relaxed state for seated meditation. Students will learn breathing techniques, systematic relaxation, guided imagery, chanting, working with energy, and explore meditation postures tailored to individual physical ability. Suitable for those who are new to meditation and those who already have a practice.  Folding chairs and cushions provided or you may bring your own. *Offered by donation and proceeds will support local nonprofits.

Kid's Yoga

  • We are honored to host Rebeca as a volunteer teacher! Payment for the children's classes is by donation. During the kids yoga classes, we play, dance, imagine journeys, create stories and tales, draw, and learn academic topics while doing yoga. We create a friendly, relaxed, and non-competitive atmosphere where the kids feel confident to relax and have fun while increasing flexibility, balance, strength, and also improving concentration, attention, and self-esteem. While practicing yoga, kids put together movements, sounds, and thoughts in a posture (asana). The kids learn postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana) while they play and have fun. When they grow up and take a regular yoga class, they will feel confident because they already know yoga.