Level 2 - Primary Series w/ Variations

In Level 2 classes we build on the foundation gained in the Intro classes. The aspects of rhythm and internal heat are introduced. Here we link the postures together with breath and the technique called Vinyasa. Vinyasa means literally “discerning placement” Practicing a fixed sequences of postures, in time with breath, and staying in the postures for a given number of breaths, is generally referred to as Vinyasa technique. After learning the fundamentals in intro classes, people with fitness backgrounds and active lifestyles will soon feel comfortable with Level 2. While we encourage students to learn the basics first, those who want to jump right in are welcome to do so as long as they do have some previous yoga experience, or at least an adventurous spirit! Students are allowed to rest or modify postures whenever necessary. In Level 2 with Variations we may focus on a particular area of the practice such as core strength (bandha), backbends, arm balances etc. during the middle portion of the class.

90 Minute Class