Introduction to Acro Yoga and Healing Arts

This class will focus on Acro Yoga, Thai Bodywork and anatomy and physiology. We are all on a journey to heal our bodies and make them as strong and flexible as possible. Sometimes we need help along the way. It can be joyful and inspiring working together to create the beautiful shapes taught in Acro Yoga. This class teaches the beginning movements of Acro Yoga and more advanced ones for those who are ready for them. We also learn Thai Bodywork which gives simple and effective methods for releasing tension and improving alignment. It is not necessary to come with a partner. Healing arts give us more tools to work with!

Acro Yoga is a very effective healing modality as well as a performance art. It is necessary to have some experience with either yoga or acrobatics before it is possible to learn the performance aspect safely. However, the therapeutic side is more approachable. Students will learn basic techniques for traction and stretch, with the other person balanced on their feet. This basic introduction to balance can later develop into full-scale Acro Yoga for those who are willing to put in the practice. This style of work is taught in rotating groups of three. One person will "base" while another person "flies." The third person is there to spot and make sure everything is safe, which is always the first consideration.

Thai Bodywork has a strong yoga influence. It is like having yoga "done to you." This form of bodywork is excellent for relieving sore muscles and helping students with difficult areas of their yoga practice. In this modality, half the group forms a circle with their yoga mats and the other half of the group practices the various techniques as the circle rotates every few moves. Each student both gives and receives bodywork with step by step instruction and supervision. No previous experience is necessary.

90 Minute Class