Mudra and Pranayama


This class is for all levels but will be very beneficial for students who already have an established practice. Students who are pregnant or who have high blood pressure should avoid this class as it involves a considerable amount of breath retention. Most people think of hand exercises when they hear the word Mudra, however hand mudras are a very small branch of Mudra. The bandhas, or core contractions, involved in Ashtanga Yoga come from Mudras. This class will be very useful for students looking for ways to strengthen their core.

We all enjoy the way we feel after practicing Yoga. Mudras are techniques for prolonging and intensifying the bright, happy feeling we get from practicing yoga postures. These exercises shed a lot of light on how Yoga can change our chemistry and improve our health.

Pranayama is the next limb of Ashtanga Yoga after Asana. It requires knowledge of bandha to practice safely and effectively. There are many systems of Pranayama. The one we use is taught by Sri BNS Iyengar and can be safely practiced by students who are familiar with Primary Series. This class is a gentle introduction to these more subtle but very powerful techniques. All levels of fitness are welcome and no one is ever asked to hold their breath longer than feels comfortable! The class will begin with a short round of Mantra chanting and finish with a silent meditation.

*We do not currently have this class available, but these practices can be learned individually in our Mysore classes.