4 Day Teacher Training Intensive

$412.00 includes 3% PayPal fee

Teacher training Intensive


We have a 4 day Intensive coming up which is a great opportunity for anyone who is interesting is developing their skills as a yoga teacher. It is the final session of our 200 hour program. We will be summarizing and going over the main features of our program. Mornings will start with practice and hands on adjusting. We will be using our Chakra Method where we call out and adjust in postures continuously. the purpose of this exercise is to....

- Get direct experience teaching and honest feedback in a supportive environment.

Price: $400.00

The Essence of Vinyasa with Andrew Eppler

$51.50 includes 3% PayPal fee

The concept of Vinyasa has had a huge impact of yoga practices world wide! In this 3 hour workshop Andrew will begin by explaining the controversial history of this technique and how it has come to be an almost household word in the modern yoga world. We will look at what defines this technique from other approaches to yoga practice and also the spiritual tradition that it evolved from.

Price: $50.00

Somatic Yoga - Sitting Standing and Walking

This class is inspired by several movement systems including Feldenkrais, Yoga and Qi Gong in standing, walking and sitting. We look deeply into the nature of movement and observe the healthy traits of normal movements as we retrain our bodies to move through daily life with fluidity and ease. Students are often surprised by the healing possibilities of this approach!  All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.

Somatics of Yoga

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. Moving into Yoga postures can be very complex. Complex movements are many simple movements in combination. In this unique class we take apart the constituent parts and work on them individually and then put them all back together to create a gentler, safer, more informed and elegant approach to yoga postures for each individual practitioner. The end goal almost always to be able to sit and weather what life brings us.


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