Third Eye Gallery

Current Show: Artwork by Kylie Anderson


Kylie is a dedicated student of yoga and her art is inspired through her personal journey and explortion of color, shape, and the vibrance of expression which can come through in painting the internal experiences which occur in her own heart and mind.




*To purchase art from Third Eye Gallery please contact Andrew Eppler: 405-503-7779 or inquire in person.



Previous Shows:

~July 2015 Artwork by Heidi Gossempour

~Febuary 2015 "In Perspective" Art by Keegan Hulsey

~ November 2014 "The Boop Collection" yogic images by Tifany Nachelle Edwards
~ August 2014: "Altar of My Easel" original paintings by Julie Plant
~ December 2013: Young Artist Exhibition
~ September 2013: "India: A Mosaic: Photographs of South India" by Andrew Strout
~ February 2013: "In the Manner of Crows, and Other Modern Parable" by Jude Osborne (printmaker)
~ November 2012: "The Nature of Nature" by Andrew Laws Danaher (pencil drawings)
                            "The BOOP Collection" by Tiffany Nachelle Edwards (painting/mixed media)
~ June 2012: "Wandering Meditation" by Stacey Wright-Pollard (photography)
~ March 2012: "Divine Dimensions" by Stephen Deckard (sacred geometry)
~ September 2011: "Progressions" by Sarah Capshaw (mixed media/painting/recycled art)
~ June 2011: "Visions of Quiet Dignity: Photographs of South India" by Andrew Strout 


* Regular Gallery hours:
Monday, 4-8; Tuesday, 6-8; Wednesday, 6-9; Thursday, 6-9; Friday, 6-8; Saturday, 10-5; Sunday, 1:30-7:30; or by appointment.


If you would like to inquire about showing your art or suggesting an artist please contact:

Andrew Eppler - - 405 503 7779