Absolute Beauty. Yoga Workshop for Women

$41.20 includes 3% PayPal fee
This is a workshop for women and it is about femininity, about our real nature, which is always with us, and which we are always longing to find so much.
Stress, body discomfort, mental tiredness, low libido, anxiety, boredom, nervousness – it's all about constant disconnection with our own inner nature – our feminine power and wisdom.
Price: $40.00

Yoga with Baptiste Marceau

$154.50 includes 3% PayPal fee
Price: $150.00

Sparrow Hawk Retreat

$154.50 includes 3% PayPal fee
Yoga in nature! Take some time for you. Spend this weekend diving into yoga practice and take a trip out of town for some good yoga, good food, and good company! Andrew and Mila will teach a balanced blend of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga including Mudras, Pranayama, and Therapeutic movements.
Price: $150.00


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