Saturday Night Candle Light

Open practice in candle light! Tea, Chanting, Musical instruments welcome. Every Sat. at 6pm. Free!

Introduction to Acro Yoga and Healing Arts

This class will focus on Acro Yoga, Thai Bodywork and anatomy and physiology. We are all on a journey to heal our bodies and make them as strong and flexible as possible. Sometimes we need help along the way. It can be joyful and inspiring working together to create the beautiful shapes taught in Acro Yoga. This class teaches the beginning movements of Acro Yoga and more advanced ones for those who are ready for them. We also learn Thai Bodywork which gives simple and effective methods for releasing tension and improving alignment. It is not necessary to come with a partner.

Mudra and Pranayama


This class is for all levels but will be very beneficial for students who already have an established practice. Students who are pregnant or who have high blood pressure should avoid this class as it involves a considerable amount of breath retention. Most people think of hand exercises when they hear the word Mudra, however hand mudras are a very small branch of Mudra. The bandhas, or core contractions, involved in Ashtanga Yoga come from Mudras. This class will be very useful for students looking for ways to strengthen their core.

Fall Semester Packages

Anyone who purchases a Fall Semester package can begin attending classes immediately.


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