Strong Supple Spine Workshop with Bryce Delbridge

$41.20 includes 3% PayPal fee

Strong Supple Spine July 28 11am-3pm

The spine is the innermost core of the body, and is the basis for an optimally functioning body. Our focus in this therapeutic workshop, is on unlocking the spine's potential to move & support the healthy functions of the body. From the deepest layers of tissues to the most superficial, this is true core work that utilizes:




Forward Bends

Full Body & Hand Mudras


Chakra, Vayu & Kosha Awareness

Prana Vidya & Visualizations

Self Massage

Muscle Isolations



Deep Relaxation & Yoga Nidra

This workshop can assist in safely and effectively addressing injuries while taking your practice to the next level. No Ashtanga or yoga experience is necessary. Beginners, as well as individuals suffering from pain or repetitive use injuries, are are highly encouraged to attendĀ this workshop!

Early Bird Price $40

After July 20 $55

Price: $40.00