Yoga with Baptiste Marceau

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Baptiste has an extraordinary story to tell, unorthodox, intrepid and original. He has a background in kinetic body movement; his father was the legendary French mime artist Marcel Marceau. He spent 7 years in Asia studying ancient cultures and oriental philosophy, traveling as a renounced sadhu. 35 years ago, Baptiste learned ashtanga in Maui with yoga luminaries David Williams and Danny Paradise and went on to study the advanced series with Pattabhi Jois in India. He currently lives in Mexico and formerly in Brazil and explores indigenous South American shamanic traditions.  
After practicing the traditional Ashtanga series for 25 years, Baptiste developed a new sequence of postures, which incorporates the dynamic flow of Ashtanga yoga with playful and accessible posture variations inspired by Egyptian yoga and martial arts. The themes of Baptiste's workshops explore yoga as an alchemical science of transformation, the art of living, and a deep connection with shamanism and nature. He is a natural storyteller and recounts the myths associated with asanas; he introduces pranayama as a path to meditation; he teaches without dogma and emphasizes the potential of yoga to find balance and inner peace.
Friday Sept. 21 6-8pm: in this workshop, Baptiste introduces his theme of yoga as an alchemy of self-transformation and an art form; he discusses asanas and their deep connection with nature and the animal realm and explores various myths in Hinduism and other ancient cultures from around the world, and he considers the ashtanga yoga system in this context. 

Saturday, Sept. 22 10am-1pm: the study of the kriya Nauli; an introduction to pranayama with a focus on prana and the three bandhas; asana practice based on the Ashtanga yoga primary sequence (yoga chikitsa) with accessible and unusual posture variations reflecting the aims and abilities of the group.

Sunday, Sept. 23 10am-1pm: pranayama including nadi shodhana; a discussion about nadis and their effect on physiological and emotional systems; an exploration of locks (bandhas), breath and alignment; asana practice building on yesterday's class.

Early Bird Price for Entire Workshop $150 ($180 after September 15)
Friday Sesssion Only $50
Saturday or Sunday Single Classes $70 (Individual classes can be purchased at the time of the class)
Price: $180.00