Do I need to call, make an appointment, or preregister?

No. Just show up a few minutes early and let the person behind the desk know you are there for your first time. There is parking both on the North and South sides of the building. Our practice rooms are spacious and there is always room for one more. We will sign you in and point out the bathrooms, dressing rooms, and which room your class will be in.

Do I need to bring a mat?

For Intro classes, we provide mats that are only used in those classes. However, because of sweating, we ask regular students to bring and maintain their own mat. This is by far the best and most hygienic way to practice yoga. There is always a pile of communal mats for anyone who forgot theirs and we do have mats for sale as well. If you use a studio mat, we ask that you wipe it down with mat cleaner after class.

What should I wear?

Any sort of workout clothing is fine. Wear something you feel comfortable in and that you can move easily in. Jeans, skirts, or excessively baggy clothing should be avoided. Also, shoes must be removed before entering the practice rooms.

What about showers and dressing rooms?

We are pleased to have 2 showers at the studio. However you must bring your own bathing items. Help us stay clean! Please don't leave personal bathing items in the showers, especially razors, towels, bar soap or loofas. These things will be disposed of if left behind.

There are separate Men's and Women's dressing rooms and we encourage you to leave shoes and bulky items there. Anything valuable may be brought into the class room. Each person is responsible for looking after his or her valuables. Please silence your phone!

Be aware that everyone in the room will be breathing deeply through their nose. In consideration of others, we ask that you do not wear strong scents including lotion, cologne, and strong perfume.

Please let your teacher know if you have any existing health conditions or skeletal issues before you begin, so that we can give you the best instruction possible.