Ishvara Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Studio is proud to bring Ishvara Yoga to Norman Oklahoma! For many years we have been dedicated to bringing high quality, unique yoga to our community from all around the world. Now we have an opportunity to share something really special. Mila is the first person ever to teach Ishvara Yoga in the United States. Ishvara yoga is a very safe and effective form of yoga which was developed in Ukraine by Anatoly Zenchinko. It is safe, approachable, and challenging all at the same time, and the intelligence behind this method of practice can be appreciated by everyone.

With longer hold times and exact positioning of the body, Ishvara yoga is an excellent complement to Ashtanga yoga practices. There is no need to "keep up" and each student is encouraged to work within their boundaries of movement whether they are advanced or a beginner. This style of yoga practice is very useful for working through injuries that the faster approaches to yoga can aggravate. Ishvara Yoga also gives fast results and is very effective for opening the body.