Kundalini Yoga with Gwen Ranbir

Gwen teaches in the traditional format of Yoga Bhajan (the founder of Kundalini Yoga). Her classes always begin with chanting to create a sense of peace and to turn the senses inward. She will then do warm up exercises and move into a Kriya focusing on a particular theme. A Kriya is a certain set of movements in combination with breath work, eye focus, hand mudra, and sometimes a particular sound for a specific effect.  In the winter she likes to focus on immune system Kriyas. Many of these Kriyas are focused on developing intuition and a stable sense of radiant health, and also to become more authentic in ourselves. She finishes with a meditation to complete the experience. Kundalini Yoga can create a great natural high! Gwen is also very happy to help students with instructions for practicing at home. This class is held every Saturday at 4pm.

90 minute class