Prenatal Yoga

This prenatal yoga class is for women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The class is appropriate for beginning yoga students and experienced yoga practitioners. The focus of this prenatal yoga class is to strengthen and stretch the areas of the body involved in labor and delivery, enhance body and posture awareness, learn to release tension and relax on command through breathing and mindfulness techniques, foster deeper connection to oneself and one’s baby, and to nourish and support  the community of expecting and new  mothers in Norman. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

*Childbirth preparation - Learn safe and appropriate stretching, strengthening, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve posture, condition the body for labor and delivery and ease pregnancy discomforts.

*Honor the unique experience of pregnancy as an opportunity to build deeper connection with yourself,  your baby and a community of other pregnant women. 

*Practice breathing and relaxation techniques to learn to calm the mind, stay present, breathe through challenges,  and relax on command.

Registration & Physician release required. Please contact Jennifer to register. 

Call (405) 474-8089 or email