Thomas has practiced some modality of body work at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio since the doors opened on Tonhawa street. Below describes the modalities he currently practices:


Applied Kinesiology & Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Applied Kinesiology (AK) was synthesized by George Goodheart over a lifetime of clinical observations. Later forerunners of his work, Walter Schmitt and Kerry McCord brought together a system from Applied Kinesiology called Quintessential Applications(QA). QA is “a physiologically base, basic science driven, neurological hierarchy for the ordered application of clinical procedures and techniques.”

A person’s symptom is usually wrapped in layers of structural mal-alignments and compensations. Range of motion (ROM), both passive and active assessment are taken into consideration and weighed for the biggest discrepancy. The biggest discrepancy in range of motion is then tested with manual muscle testing (MMT) and treated with muscle spindle techniques, contract relax stretching, origin insertion palpation and other applicable techniques. The practitioner re-evaluates the ROM discrepancy intermittently throughout the session to monitor for more symmetry and usually a fairly sharp decline in symptoms.

AK/QA can address a whole array of issues too long to count. We are complex beings that are very good at creating successful adaptations, however sometimes these adaptations come at a considerable cost to our system and AK/QA offers a lot in the way at addressing these issues.

Awareness Through Movement(ATM) came of of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, a scientist with ceaseless curiosity and an interest in all things movement oriented. It is movement specialization that re-organizes a person to have better overall organization in movement through being presented with movement puzzles, of sorts.

ATM can be taught on an individual basis or in small groups depending upon the complexity of the lesson.

Questions: contact Thomas directly by phone or text 405.255.8758


60-75 minute session: $75

Thomas Thompson received a certification in Muscle Activation Techniques in 2008, however, is not currently renewing his certification and pursuing a QA certification instead which entails more than this page can hold and more than you care to read. He has consulted with Oklahoma University and a number of sports teams and currently works in a private practice in Oklahoma City and his home of Norman, Oklahoma.

He was also authorized to teach Awareness Through Movement in 2011 and has taught ATM since 2008 in ATM format, yoga classes and in group fitness. He also teaches in the Theatre department at Oklahoma City University in the spring semester.

Thomas also teaches yoga and has taught continually since 1997. You might see a lot of Feldenkrais and techniques derived from Applied Kinesiology in his blend of yoga. He’s always exploring something new.