• Our beginner's program at AYS is a dynamic combination of experienced teachers who love to teach yoga to beginners. We believe yoga is for everyone. These classes are designed to introduce new students to the basic breathing techniques and postures of classical yoga in a safe supportive way. Our teachers strive to make yoga as accessible as possible to everyone who comes to class. We encourage our new students to pay close attention to the sensations in their bodies as they practice and to use careful judgment about how far they will go into each posture. Our approach involves assessing the posture of each student and while working with classical yoga postures, to customize practice to the extent necessary to ensure a great experience. Our beginners program at AYS is a dynamic combination of experienced teachers who love to teach yoga to beginners. We believe yoga is for everyone. These classes are designed to introduce new students to the basic breathing techniques and postures of classical yoga in a safe supportive way. Our teachers strive to make yoga as accessible as possible to everyone who comes to class. We encourage our new students to pay close attention to the sensations in their bodies as they practice and to use careful judgement abut how far they will go into each posture. Our approach involves assessing the posture of each student and while working with classical yoga postures, to customize practice to the extent necessary to ensure a great experience.   75 Minute Class Check out our New Student Special!    
  • This class will focus on Acro Yoga, Thai Bodywork and anatomy and physiology. We are all on a journey to heal our bodies and make them as strong and flexible as possible. Sometimes we need help along the way. It can be joyful and inspiring working together to create the beautiful shapes taught in Acro Yoga. This class teaches the beginning movements of Acro Yoga and more advanced ones for those who are ready for them. We also learn Thai Bodywork which gives simple and effective methods for releasing tension and improving alignment. It is not necessary to come with a partner. Healing arts give us more tools to work with! Acro Yoga is a very effective healing modality as well as a performance art. It is necessary to have some experience with either yoga or acrobatics before it is possible to learn the performance aspect safely. However, the therapeutic side is more approachable. Students will learn basic techniques for traction and stretch, with the other person balanced on their feet. This basic introduction to balance can later develop into full-scale Acro Yoga for those who are willing to put in the practice. This style of work is taught in rotating groups of three. One person will "base" while another person "flies." The third person is there to spot and make sure everything is safe, which is always the first consideration. Thai Bodywork has a strong yoga influence. It is like having yoga "done to you." This form of bodywork is excellent for relieving sore muscles and helping students with difficult areas of their yoga practice. In this modality, half the group forms a circle with their yoga mats and the other half of the group practices the various techniques as the circle rotates every few moves. Each student both gives and receives bodywork with step by step instruction and supervision. No previous experience is necessary. 90 Minute Class
  • This class is an introduction to yoga and meditation which welcomes parent of infants and toddlers into the yoga room along with their children. This is a place where our children may move along with us, have some floor time, or simply just be there with us as we practice yoga. The class will move like other beginner classes focusing on the fundamentals of yoga, like our breathing techniques, proper and safe alignment in yoga postures, strength for the body and stillness for the mind. No food or drinks in the room, please. Water in a spill-proof vessel is the exception. You may freely come in and out of the room as you see fit. Due to the nature of this class, please expect the volume of the room to be louder compared to a traditional yoga class. I believe sometimes life is loud and chaotic, but we can still find the peace within. What to bring: Anything you need to take care of your baby. Help us keep the volume to a minimum by bringing only quiet toys for your baby. We have some yoga mats to share, but bring your own if you have one. Feel free to bring a small blanket or extra yoga mat for babies and toddlers. Life with small children is sometimes hectic. Feel free to join us a few minutes late, or leave early as needed.
  • This class is inspired by several movement systems including Feldenkrais, Yoga and Qi Gong in standing, walking and sitting. We look deeply into the nature of movement and observe the healthy traits of normal movements as we retrain our bodies to move through daily life with fluidity and ease. Students are often surprised by the healing possibilities of this approach!  All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.


  • In Level 2 classes we build on the foundation gained in the Intro classes. The aspects of rhythm and internal heat are introduced. Here we link the postures together with breath and the technique called Vinyasa. Vinyasa means literally “discerning placement” Practicing a fixed sequences of postures, in time with breath, and staying in the postures for a given number of breaths, is generally referred to as Vinyasa technique. After learning the fundamentals in intro classes, people with fitness backgrounds and active lifestyles will soon feel comfortable with Level 2. While we encourage students to learn the basics first, those who want to jump right in are welcome to do so as long as they do have some previous yoga experience, or at least an adventurous spirit! Students are allowed to rest or modify postures whenever necessary. In Level 2 with Variations we may focus on a particular area of the practice such as core strength (bandha), backbends, arm balances etc. during the middle portion of the class. 90 Minute Class   
  • This is the classical Primary Series as taught by Sri BNS Iyengar. Previous yoga experience is recommended for this class. Here we begin to breathe with precision and learn to practice without missing a single breath. Primary Series is the "original recipe" that has directly influenced many other styles of yoga. When a student learns these postures by heart and becomes comfortable with the steady pace of movement and breath, there is a strong foundation and the student is assured of having enough knowledge to practice on their own. Knowing this sequence, and understanding that minor differences in technique occur with every teacher, this class will certainly enable students to participate harmoniously in other Ashtanga classes all over the world. 90 Minute Class  
  • This is a led class introducing the Intermediate postures of Ashtanga Yoga. While The Primary Sequence of Sri BNS Iyengar involves only minor differences in technique and Vinyasa count, in this class we are dealing with an entirely different progression of postures. Most of the familiar postures are included but the arrangement is quite different. It can be useful to experience different formats in order to gain a broader appreciation and understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga sequences. Variations will be offered for the more difficult poses. Students who have become comfortable in our Level 2 classes will enjoy participating in this class as it gives variety and fresh material to work with. The intermediate postures often help students to progress in the areas they find most difficult in Primary Series.  90 Minute Class  

Mixed levels

  • Mysore classes are taught without the teacher verbally leading of the group. Each student does his or her practice at their own pace. The teacher will give sequences of postures to work with when needed, observe your practice individually and offer specific instructions to help you take the next steps with your practice. Diagrams of the Ashtanga sequences are available in class for those who need them. The teacher is able to work with students more individually in Mysore class, and students can develop their own breath rhythm. In this class we start building a personal practice. For those who already know the sequences, these classes offer great freedom to move at your own pace while still practicing with a group and getting help with the postures. For students with injuries or medical issues, Mysore classes allow students to cultivate a customized practice, designed to facilitate your personal needs. All levels of students are welcome in these classes! 90 Minute Class
  •   This class is for all levels but will be very beneficial for students who already have an established practice. Students who are pregnant or who have high blood pressure should avoid this class as it involves a considerable amount of breath retention. Most people think of hand exercises when they hear the word Mudra, however hand mudras are a very small branch of Mudra. The bandhas, or core contractions, involved in Ashtanga Yoga come from Mudras. This class will be very useful for students looking for ways to strengthen their core. We all enjoy the way we feel after practicing Yoga. Mudras are techniques for prolonging and intensifying the bright, happy feeling we get from practicing yoga postures. These exercises shed a lot of light on how Yoga can change our chemistry and improve our health. Pranayama is the next limb of Ashtanga Yoga after Asana. It requires knowledge of bandha to practice safely and effectively. There are many systems of Pranayama. The one we use is taught by Sri BNS Iyengar and can be safely practiced by students who are familiar with Primary Series. This class is a gentle introduction to these more subtle but very powerful techniques. All levels of fitness are welcome and no one is ever asked to hold their breath longer than feels comfortable! The class will begin with a short round of Mantra chanting and finish with a silent meditation. *We do not currently have this class available, but these practices can be learned individually in our Mysore classes. --
  • This is a mixed level Vinyasa class for anyone practicing in either Levels 1 or 2. These are innovative classes reflecting the distilled approach of our experienced teachers. Sometimes they include music, sometimes they focus on particular areas such as backbends, hip openers, or handstands. These classes are influenced by Ashtanga Yoga, as well as many other forms of yoga and they are taught with a flow approach, always combining breath and movement in a dynamic way. Depending on the group, sequences of postures are given to create a fun, energizing, balanced, safe yoga experience. These classes are suitable for beginners! The class's sequences will offer modifications or challenges to suit everyone in the class. 75 Minute Class
  • Gwen teaches in the traditional format of Yoga Bhajan (the founder of Kundalini Yoga). Her classes always begin with chanting to create a sense of peace and to turn the senses inward. She will then do warm up exercises and move into a Kriya focusing on a particular theme. A Kriya is a certain set of movements in combination with breath work, eye focus, hand mudra, and sometimes a particular sound for a specific effect.  In the winter she likes to focus on immune system Kriyas. Many of these Kriyas are focused on developing intuition and a stable sense of radiant health, and also to become more authentic in ourselves. She finishes with a meditation to complete the experience. Kundalini Yoga can create a great natural high! Gwen is also very happy to help students with instructions for practicing at home. This class is held every Saturday at 4pm. 90 minute class
  • Ashtanga Yoga Studio is proud to bring Ishvara Yoga to Norman Oklahoma! For many years we have been dedicated to bringing high quality, unique yoga to our community from all around the world. Now we have an opportunity to share something really special. Mila is the first person ever to teach Ishvara Yoga in the United States. Ishvara yoga is a very safe and effective form of yoga which was developed in Ukraine by Anatoly Zenchinko. It is safe, approachable, and challenging all at the same time, and the intelligence behind this method of practice can be appreciated by everyone.   With longer hold times and exact positioning of the body, Ishvara yoga is an excellent complement to Ashtanga yoga practices. There is no need to "keep up" and each student is encouraged to work within their boundaries of movement whether they are advanced or a beginner. This style of yoga practice is very useful for working through injuries that the faster approaches to yoga can aggravate. Ishvara Yoga also gives fast results and is very effective for opening the body.  
  • A combination of yoga practices to create health, relaxation, and calm!   This class includes practices for Hatha yoga, but it's Therapy, restorative movements from dance, breathing techniques and mantras. The main focus of the practice is to release tension in the spine and stuck energy throughout our bodies. Mila uses a combination of static postures and dynamic movements help to release the inner stress which concentrates in our bodies. Yoga therapy and dancing movements create strong and flexible spinal muscles. Breathing technics will be used for relaxing and energizing. Create balance and strengthen your immune system! This class unites practices from many traditions all over the world to create a calming, relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all levels of practitioners.       --


  • Sundays at 9:30am - Zen Meditation is a structured and classical form of meditation as taught by Suzuki Roshi. This is appropriate for anyone who is interested in meditation and willing to sit quietly for an hour in order to explore it. Michael Lee prefers to call it a meditation group rather than a class, and is dedicated to promoting meditation in our community. Everyone is welcome! *This class is offered by donation.  90 Minute Class  
  • A movement class utilizing isometric engagement, body weight exercises, and high intensity intervals coupled with yoga-inspired movement to balance strength and flexibility. This total body work class will help you enhance your yoga practice through targeted muscle engagement and focused flexibility training.   
  • Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. Moving into Yoga postures can be very complex. Complex movements are many simple movements in combination. In this unique class we take apart the constituent parts and work on them individually and then put them all back together to create a gentler, safer, more informed and elegant approach to yoga postures for each individual practitioner. The end goal almost always to be able to sit and weather what life brings us.