About us


Ashtanga Yoga Studio has been a fixture in Norman Oklahoma for over 20 years. We were the first yoga studio in Norman and we have been instrumental in creating a yoga community in Oklahoma.

We have brought in teachers from a number of other countries including India, England, Greece, Canada and Ukraine in our effort to enrich yoga knowledge and practice in our community. We are not a trendy pop culture sort of studio. We are down to earth and sincere about helping people find their way to yoga. We believe yoga has something for everyone. We strive to help our students create a personal yoga practice that meets their needs and makes such an impact on their health and state of mind that they fall in love with it and practice on their own when they can't make it to class. We try to teach yoga in a way that can be appreciated and understood by people of all ages, all levels of fitness, all social backgrounds, cultured and religions.

Everyone has a right to cultivate their health, peace of mind, and ability to concentrate.

Yoga gives powerful tools that can help!

The Owner

Andrew Eppler

Andrew Eppler

Andrew Eppler has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for over 3 decades. Andrew is the director of Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman Oklahoma and he is the producer and director on Mysore Yoga Traditions film. Yoga and been a life long journey for Andrew. He has grown up with the practice and witnessed its evolution into world culture first hand. Andrew has spent many years studying the philosophy of the Nathamuni Sampradaya tradition that Sri Krishnamacharya belonged to. With the help and support of senior Sanskrit professors in Mysore and also the support of the Royal Family of Mysore who began the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition in Mysore, Andrew has developed an approach to teaching physical postures that fits the modern paradigm. While staying grounded in traditional ideas about philosophy and the sequences of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Andrew believes that there is inevitable evolution in yoga practice and uses a "global fusion" of techniques. He is constantly researching different methods, comparing techniques from yoga communities around the world as he travels, and refining them to create the best approach possible in his own teaching.