Private Yoga Classes

With Andrew Eppler

Andrew is an experienced teacher who enjoys working with private clients. The first session usually takes longer as it will be a diagnostic session to determine how he can help the most. Andrew incorporates many healing modalities into posture adjustments and he is adept at helping students with overcoming their difficult areas of yoga practice. Private sessions usually include internal work with breath and concentration as well as some suggestions for home practice. Andrew strives to help each student create their own optimal practice, inspiring them to create a personal, healing, evolving, sacred, transformative, lifelong yoga practice that is sustainable and fits with their lifestyle. He enjoys working with all levels from brand new beginners just trying yoga for the first time to experienced practitioners with very specific needs and questions about yoga practice.

  • Postural Assessment

  • Planning your approach to yoga, determining your goals with yoga practice

  • Customized Asana Sequences

  • Breathing Practices

  • Therapeutic Postures and Movements

  • Specialized Massage, Breathing Practices and Gentle Movements for elderly people

  • Thai Bodywork

  • Mudra

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Counseling based on ancient yogic texts

  • Dietary and lifestyle suggestions

  • Guidance for aspiring yoga teachers and help with learning how to adjust in postures

  • After each session the student receives a list of suggestions for home practice

For bookings or more information please call 405 503 7779 or email